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Welcome to EFML

Excellent Future Marketing Ltd offers an opportunity that may change your future, your family's future-and the future of everyone who is important to you. Think of the possibility of your life changing and creating for yourself a new and dynamic life. A life with no cap on want you can earn.

We are committed to helping people; just like you control your destiny and build your own business within a business.

To be in Business for Yourself, but not by Yourself.

Chairman Message

image's chairman Md. Shajahan Saju

Hello everyone

Poverty is a very big problem in our Country. Excellent future marketing Ltd is our dream company. Where educated-uneducated but intelligent and hard worker persons can prove themselves. By which two problems of our country can de reduce a) Poverty and b) Unemployment.

Our another objective of our company is to represent our country and our country-made product towards all over the world. Using our techniques we have made already 200+ products and these products is ready to sell all over the world.

Our company service is providing through online. Customer can buy their choice-able products in our web-based site. So, here we are representing our Digital Bangladesh.

Managing Director's Message

image's Managing Director Anwar hossain Rana

Welcome to Excellent future Marketing ltd. Our company has two visions to start. They are reduce poverty & unemployment and to represent our motherland. Through our company we are giving chance to unemployed persons for make their lives way.

We have two types of marketing-Traditional Marketing / Door to Door Marketing and Digital Marketing / E-Commerce Marketing / Online Marketing. Our marketing process or way of services established based on Wed portal.

We have more than 200 products. All of our products made by our own technologies. And Online Marketing issue is to present our country product in front of the world and also a positive effect of Bangladesh to the world

So, here we are representing our Digital Bangladesh. My love Excellent Future, My love Bangladesh.